Welcome to my portfolio.

My Works

  • Flow #1
  • Red on Gray
  • Red Line on Gray
  • Twilight


Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Akiko Kino has lived in Seattle since 2004. She graduated from Toita College in Tokyo with a degree in art and art teacher certification.

Growing up with an artistic mother and aunt, her favorite childhood activities were drawing and crafting. A curious student, Akiko experimented with watercolors, metalwork, and pottery, and eventually found her passion in abstract oil painting. Masando Kito, an artist who has shown his work internationally, mentored her in Japan and influenced her art and thought very much.

Akiko has had exhibits in Japan and Liechtenstein, and is now pleased to have opportunities to show her work in the United States. Her canvases capture creative color combinations and design. Especially unique is Akiko’s use of a knife to apply paint, which gives her painting texture and dimensions that you’ll want to see in person to truly appreciate.

Artist Statement

Painting provides me the opportunity for self-expression and the chance to describe the world as I see and feel it.

I come to the canvas in hopes of showcasing the main color through various ideas of composition and design. My inspiration often comes from nature, soil, air, and water. These are the elements I use to create my images—and the movement and flow within. These abstract images strive to discover a sense of quietness, lightness and darkness, and atmosphere of chi.

The paintings show dimension through details as well as the thickness of the oil. Using a knife instead of brush enables me to apply the paint in a way that gives me the desired look and texture.

My art is philosophically influenced by my Japanese background, and is also a search for spirituality.